• Just an ordinary day

    by  • 3 November, 2003 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    Boy, this is difficult! Coming up with something to write about in your blog every day! Nothing worthwhile happened today, it was just an ordinary day! What’s there to write about?

    Well, I’ll write about that then. Just an ordinary day. It makes a good title too! What’s an ordinary day like? For me, here in Crete, of course. I don’t know about generic ordinary days or your ordinary days, or those of other people, so I won’t write about that. Just my ordinary day of November 3rd.

    My ordinary day began at six thirty this morning, when the alarm went off. I had had a bad dream during the night, which woke me up around 3 o’clock and kept me awake for almost an hour thereafter, so waking up required some energy. After 3 minutes or so I got myself out of bed. But only after Yvonne got up first. While Yvonne took a shower I did my back exercises on a folded blanket on the bedroom floor.

    Then we both did our early morning ch’i gung exercises. [to be continued]

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