• Just an ordinary day [part 2]

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    After the ch’i gung exercises Yvonne went to feed Birte’s cats upstairs while I poured water in the kettle and put the kettle on the electric stove. I put the nescafé powder in 2 cups and while the water warmed up I went out on the balcony (18 meters of it) to remove the pigeon shit. That’s right, you read that correctly. Every morning at dawn we get about a hundred pigeons to roost on the top ledge of the building and they start shitting on the balconies underneath. Ours takes most of the flak, or so it seems, I haven’t actually carried out a comparative study! Okay, enough about pigeons and their excrements. By the time I finished Yvonne had gotten back from feeding the cats. We only do this this week because Birte, our upstairs neighbour, is away for a week.

    We then meditated for half an hour. After the meditation my cup of coffee had about the right temperature to swallow the contents in one big gulp. By that time it was about a quarter past 8 and since we were Monday, and I work in the “village office” on Mondays and Tuesdays, I left for Agios Mironas. That’s a little village in the mountains south west of Iraklio where the company owner has installed offices in the basement of his villa. When I say “basement”, this is only half true, because, as the building is on a mountain slope, the entrance to the office floor in below street level, but all the windows at 2 sides of the open office space offer breath-taking views over the valley towards Iraklio. 7 of the 9 employees work here permanently, 1 is always in the city office and I do both.

    It was almost 9 o’clock when I got to the office and as usual I was the first. I set up my laptop and checked that our websites where up and running and then went downstairs (yes, one level lower) to the kitchen in order to fix myself a second cup of coffee. [to be continued]

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