• The emigration police

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    Today we would at long last finalize our registration with the local authorities. We had all the forms (or so we thought) and we were well informed. Friends had translated everything until the last dot on the last iota. What could go wrong? As a reminder to our readers, we had tried this before in May but were so much put off by the enormous bureaucratic barriers that we gave up after 2 days.

    At 8 in the morning we drove to the harbor to the police station. The man behind the counter was friendly and helpful, a nice change from the previous experience when we were greeted by a very sour “female of the species”, as Alexis Zorbas would say. But not all the forms were correctly filled out and 1 form was missing. We corrected the errors with his help. The missing form was a declaration of my employer, to be countersigned and ditto stamped by the Employment Office. This form was only necessary because I was working. Yvonne didn’t need it and her residence permit would be ready on Monday. If I managed to return the filled in, signed and stamped form today I could pick up my permit at the same time, otherwise it would mean returning one extra time. The thought crossed my mind to say that I wasn’t employed after all, just so that I needn’t go through all the trouble, but I rejected it as really silly. That was really stupid.

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