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    With the missing form we got from the emigration police we drove to the office where I work in the centre. With the help of Popi, short for Penelope, I filled in the form. Somebody needed to sign it and I suggested that she would do that. That was a little bit too much for her, so we send it by fax to the village office where my boss could sign it and return it by fax. Which he promptly did. Unfortunately going through the wires twice had not done anything to improve the quality of the — already umpteen times – copied form. But we thought it would still be acceptable, so off we went to the Employment Office.

    That is to say, we went to the location were the man in the police station had directed us to go. I had to park my car in a really awkward spot, but Greek people do it all the time and Yvonne assured me that it was okay, she had parked there too 2 weeks ago. We left the car and went into the office building. After some searching around we found a person who tried to communicate something obviously important to us which we failed to understand. After 15 minutes and the help of some other people it became clear that the office we were looking for had moved to another building in another part of town.

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    1. nadine
      20 November, 2003 at 13:31

      Is Popi niet de verkorting van Kaliopi ?

    2. nadine
      20 November, 2003 at 13:31

      Is Popi niet de verkorting van Kaliopi ?

    3. luc
      20 November, 2003 at 14:48

      Nadine is right, I was wrong: Popi is not short for Penelope but for Kalliopi, for which Google turns up 9,220 entries in 0.39 seconds, or for Kaliopi (with single “L”), for which Google turns up 12,400 entries in 0.37 seconds. Thanks, Nadine.

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