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    moussaka.jpgI just finished my first attempt at fabricating my version of moussaka, the shepherd’s pie of Greece, a succulent combination of fried aubergines, delicately spiced minced lamb and rich cheese sauce. It’s the most traditional Greek dish and it also happens to be absolutely delicious! When done properly. This one was done by me. I took ground beef instead of lamb, because that’s what 3 of the 4 cooking books said. I also added potatoes, because 2 of the 4 cooking guides mentioned them. It’s not easy when you have too much guidance. It was a lot of work too. But it was worth it. Says Yvonne. Me, I was not totally unsatisfied either, though I thought something was missing. I couldn’t find what and that always spoils it for me. I’ll try something different next time.

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