• Thank you Roger, Robert, Paul en marian, Rudy & Josiet, coco, Willem, Helga, Guido, Connie, Sjaak, Lettie, Estelle and Walt.

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    I know I thanked all of you in a previous post for your generous contributions to our overall well being. It wasn’t maybe the most personalized “thank you” that I have ever fabricated, I realise. It’s sometimes very difficult to find the right approach. I’ve set up this weblog because I realised at the outset that I would not be able to stay in touch with all of you guys at a personal level. That would have been physically impossible. There are hundreds of you out there (okay, I’m flattering myself) and I am all alone… with Yvonne. Even if we divide the task evenly between us we couldn’t manage.

    So there. I completely randomly and arbitrarily picked some people who responded in a comment to our Purple Terror Alert and gave them a special mention, to show my appreciation for the fact that you made the effort to give us a bit of your time, yourself. I really do enjoy that. If you are not listed, it doesnt mean I don’t love you!

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