• Nothing else matters

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    The only ballad that I know of Metallica. It’s one of Yvonne’s favorites. It’s playing right now while Yvonne gets ready for a meeting with a friend. It’s four o’clock in the afternoon. We just got back from our Sunday morning drive, searching for suitable houses or plots. We didn’t find anything worth mentioning this time. At those occasions we also like to explore the culinary potential of the particular region we’re investigating. We ended up in a nice family restaurant in Karteros, just a few kilometers east of Iraklio, right next to the beginning of the landing strip of the airport. It’s right there at the sea. There are nice beaches too. Because the part of rock upon which the airport was built goes out into the sea for a few hundred meters, you don’t hear the noise of the landing airplanes that much.

    We had a little bit too much wine to drink. And the rakí that came with the bill was very nice too. We’re a little bit euphoric right now. Nothing else matters.

    Nothing else matters.

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