• Here at last

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    Pauline, Paul, Joëlle and Bram made it to Chersonissos, albeit a weebit late, but they made it. The plane which was supposed to land around one o’clock at night (Saturday to Sunday) on Kazantzakis Airport in Iraklio, took off again just before the wheels touched the ground. Without a word of explanation they flew to Chania, where they landed safely and waited in the plane for half an hour. Then they were told that the plane had not been able to land in Iraklio (no reason was given) and that coach buses were going to pick them up, and if they would please get off the plane in an orderly fashion. By now it was close to two o’clock. Three and a half hours later they were on the bus, which took another two hours to get them safely to the hotel in Chersonissos.

    When we got there to pick them up for a walk and their first proper Greek meal, they had slept a mere 4 hours, yet they were amazingly awake, all of them. Half a kilo of mini-croissants from the local bakery later, we were on the road to Agia Irini, just south of Knossos Palace. We had a nice walk first in a park surrounding a small church, where in the shadow of an ancient Roman aquaduct a small restaurant serves some of the best local Cretan dishes you can find on the island. Around five we took them to our home, where we had coffee with cake on the balcony in a radiant late afternoon sun. I think Joëlle and Paul took pictures, which one day might make it to this forum.

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