• Sun, sea, sand, and…

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    …then they went home.

    Pauline, Paul, Joëlle and Bram had taken the bus in Chersonissos this morning and we picked them up at the station in Iraklio. After we crammed all their luggage in my little Yaris, with enough planned space for them later, we left the car where it was parked and went for the Saturday morning open market opposite the ferry port. The kids did their shopping, some of the grown-ups too and we ended in our favorite cantina for souvlaki and a glass of wine. Kostas, who had his license revoked for a couple of weeks, was back, and we were welcomed with a couple of half liters of white. That was in addition to the wine we had already ordered for ourself…

    The kids wanted one last swim and since their flight out was scheduled at midnight only, we decided to drive to Karteros and combine lunch with a swim there. The water looked very inviting, but neither Yvonne nor I had taken any swimming gear with us. As I was wearing underwear that could easily pass for swimming pants, I didn’t hesitate long. Yvonne was wearing the most delicious lingerie, but slightly less appropriate for the salted sea. She stayed on the beach while the rest of us plunged into the water. I had expected it to be much colder in this area at the beginning of the season. As it was it was great! After a couple of hours we had a fantastic lunch at the nearby taverna, with grilled prawn, octopus, fried sardines, calamares, together with a nice salad and an excellent tzatziki and some other side dishes which I don’t remember. We lingered for 3 hours.

    At seven in the evening we drove home and had ouzo with watermelon on the balcony, while the kids took a little nap in our bed. We talked and enjoyed the quiet night setting in. Paul showed us a couple of planets (yes! I didn’t know you could see planets with the naked eye either!) and around quarter past eleven we drove the whole bunch to the airport.

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