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    At 8:15 this morning, with the sun rising low in my back, I was driving on the national road from Iraklio towards Rethimno. I do this every Monday and Tuesday. This stretch of the national road is the only part where there are 2 lanes in each direction, with a concrete wall dividing the 2 directions. I always get off at the Gázi exit, although I could get off one exit earlier, at Geófyra, but I don’t like the road there very much. So I take a little detour, which gives me a more enjoyable drive. Once past the Geófyra exit, I noticed that several truck drivers were signalling to each other. I didn’t know what it was about. Then.

    I found out 2 minutes later. I was just overtaking another truck, driving on the left lane obviously, when I spotted from the corner of my right eye that the truck slowed down and pulled completely to the right. He also shortly used his horn. It was at this moment, when, due to the trucks manoeuvre, I was already past him, that I saw this car coming right at me! It was maybe 50 meters away and approaching fast. Where did that come from? I pulled the wheel to the right in one swing, nearly lost control when trying to pull the car straight again, just to see a bewildered female, gesticulating like crazy, go past me at full speed. It all went so fast I hardly realized what had happened. This was the first ghost driver I had encountered in my whole life!

    I looked at the car in my rear mirror, saw the driver waving her arms, in a gesture to make other drivers go out of the way, while continuing at full speed. She must have been in a state of complete panic. She wasn’t using her headlights or her horn, just sat there gesticulating to other drivers.

    I hope she has at least as good a guardian angel as I have.

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    1. Tom
      17 May, 2004 at 22:29


      “The road is better than the inn”
      – Cervantes

      But it is invarariably more dangerous.

      Don’t “lose sight of the road”.

      Speaking of which, I am working on the “bridging chapter”, yet another preface. How can an American face the WWW without an apology?

      This one can’t. Otherwise all these great notes and images will be lost.

      America has been driving headlong in the wrong lane for years.


    2. luc
      18 May, 2004 at 11:33

      Why would you apologize? You’re only slightly closer to being an American than I am to being a Greek…


    3. Tom
      18 May, 2004 at 20:30


      I don’t see it that way.

      I’ve long said that one’s upbringing is, by nature, an anachronism. Hence, one of the first jobs in life is to overcome one’s upbringing. But it’s always there, at least for me.

      So, I am an anti-American American Catholic agnostic leaning toward atheism.

      It’s simple really.

      How can any American not hear Presley, Perkins, Cash, and Jerry Lee singing “Farther Along” or, even more appropo to the present situation, Robert Johnson’s “Stones in my Passway” and not realize that he is tragicomically American.

      Like it or not, our friendship is a friendship between an American and a Flamand. That, in my mind, is the most interesting aspect of “Losing Sight of the Shore”.


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