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    Because there is more to life than nigritude ultramarine, Irak or the Olympic Games, I would like to point you to Winged Sandals, a Greek Mythology website produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in association with The University of Melbourne’s Centre for Classics and Archaeology. Maybe they can correct the historical bias you are suffering from watching this contemporary sandal epic called “Troy”. The Flash version is absolutely fabulous. And I hate Flash. Perhaps not as much as you hate nigritude ultramarine though…

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    1. Tom
      18 May, 2004 at 21:22


      Troy? Brad Pitt? Need I write more?

      Persumably, the Peloponnesian War was won by surly, hyperthyriod, steriod-crazed surfer boys. Sean Penn as Achilles? Perhaps. I would have considered Lawrence Fishburne as well, though he is a bit oldish for the part.

      And Peter O’Toole as Priam? How about Depardieu? Perhaps, it was a Coalition of the Willing production.

      Anybody else note the onslaught of rousing war movies by the American film industry? Regarding the Australians, they pitched in “Master and Commander”, yet more evidence that Academy Award winner Russel Crowe can’t act worth a damn in hell. I wonder why we field all this these daze [sic]? Too bad Leni Riefensthal isn’t around when we need her.


    2. luc
      20 May, 2004 at 12:05

      Hehe, I read this in the Scotsman today:

      I suppose I should be grateful that the ending hasn’t been changed to play up the role of the US Army but instead I’m just fuming that one of the greatest stories humanity has produced has been turning it into a vacuous vehicle for Brad Pitt to ponce about in leather.

    3. luc
      22 May, 2004 at 0:36

      By the way, for those who think the whole movie is too much of your precious time, you can read a summary here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/cleolinda/99710.html

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