• Back to the Greek traffic no-rules

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    Do you remember when I wrote about the Greek traffic rules, or rather their non-existence in this part of the world, this time around last year? Well, it turns out that the Greek system is a better system. Hey, how can it not be, these Cretan guys are thousands of years ahead of us.

    Scientist are beginning to discover how a totally deregulated system bordering on chaos (does that read as another definition of “Greek traffic” to you?) is far safer for all participants, including playing children, pedestrians, cyclist and cars. Take away all the white lines, the yellow lines, the traffic lights, the stop signs, the pedestrian crossings, the speed bumps, the side walks, the traffic signals, and what do you have? Right, you have Knossou Road in Iraklio. But guess what the scientists see as the big example of the success of such a system? The Dutch “woonerf” no less. Which is of course merely an elaborate totally artificial contraption modelled after any random public space in Greece. There you have it, now it is scientifically proven. It has a name too: “second-generation traffic calming“. Yet another invention by the Greeks.

    Greece, the biggest “woonerf” on this planet!

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    1. Tom
      21 May, 2004 at 19:01

      USA: 55,000 traffic fatalities each year.

      Ever tangled with a Humvee on a motorway? Advice for those with a will to live: Get out of the way! SUV’s don’t even fuck with Humvees.

      What do you suppose are the chances of a skinny, crippled guy like myself in a VW that does not fly an American flag, sport a “God Bless America” bumper sticker, and a boast a “Bush/Cheney ’04” licence plate caption? It’s life in the lower reaches of the automotive food chain.

      Ever heard the American expression “Road Meat”?

      C’est moi!


    2. luc
      22 May, 2004 at 10:57

      You, my friend, lack faith in science, or even worse, in the Greeks.

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