• See you later, Aggregator!

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    Wired has a nice article about and an overview of RSS readers, also called news aggregators. From the article: These programs are hybrids of a Web browser and an e-mail client, allowing Web users to peruse hundreds of information sources in one place. Instead of surfing dozens of sites for the latest news or blog postings, aggregators let people read headlines from those sources in one window.

    You can read the Cretan Chronicles this way too! Download one and you will never use anything else again. If you are a Macintosh user I can heartily recommend NetNewsWire from Ranchero. The lite version is free. I’ve been using it myself for almost a year now. The articles mentions quite a few alternatives for Windows users, both commercial and freeware.

    The easiest way to add Cretan Chronicles to your list of syndicated sites is to drag the link at the bottom right which reads “Syndicate this site (XML)” to the left pane of NetNewsWire, where all the sites are listed that you have subscribed to so far. I’m sure there is a similar way of doing this in other aggregators.

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    1. Paul
      21 May, 2004 at 19:17

      I read about the addition of an RSS feature to the Opera web browser and I think I will try it out…

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