• It happened a long time ago

    by  • 5 June, 2004 • Weird • 0 Comments

    Today I met a British pensioner at Carola’s coffee house who told me a very funny story: his son, now a forensic psychologist, married a Cretan girl some 20 years ago and came to live here with his new family. He was employed at Chania airport for a couple of years, I don’t remember in which capacity. Anyway, about 15 years ago the Airport Authorities decided it was time to renew the runway (3350m x 45m). They put out a public tender and when it was time to decide on the contracter, they simply picked the lowest bid, without looking at any specifications.
    When the day arrived for the contractor to start the works, an old pickup truck pulls up, loaded with a single concrete mixer, a couple of shovels, a pile of pebbles and sand, and a dozen or so bags of cement. From the driver’s seat jumps a 40 year old, who obviously came straight from the mountains, with his fierce moustache under a pointing nose and glittering dark eyes, and from the other side a woman slowly descends, carefully supporting with one hand her swollen belly of 8 months pregnancy… The construction team had arrived!

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