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    by  • 15 June, 2004 • Tech • 1 Comment

    The time has come to dump Internet Explorer. No, this is not your humble but dedicated Macintosh fanatic who says so, this is an established MCSE, who happens to like quite a few of Microsoft’s products.

    His argument is simple: the benefits of using IE are too few – and the faults too great — to put off the adoption of an alternative any longer. The arguments center around three themes:
    – security: Internet Explorer has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese;
    – standards: the absolute worst browser when it comes to supporting the standards is Internet Explorer;
    – options: there is no reason NOT to switch to an alternative browser: they are actually as good or better than IE.

    His favorite alternative browser is Firefox. I agree with him, for whatever that is worth to you. Go download it.

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    1. Tom
      18 June, 2004 at 0:24


      As I remarked to the fellows in uniform administering the Army Aptitude Test to my 16-year-old self, “Is there a draft in here?” Of course, after the tradition of the American military of late, they took me into the basement, stripped me naked, and threatened me with rabid German shepards and kick the living crap out of me.

      Then I receive this from Our Gidean Ulysees, who indicates that the fault is mine (his methods being not much subtler than those abovementioned): According to Dubois, it was my “stoopid [intentional misspelling, I know] e-mail client”.

      Or, just perhaps, it was Luc’s new and improved (a bit ahead of everybody else’s real time??) system.

      Moi? I have only received non-highlighted, non-underscored web addresses from one source.

      GUESS WHO?


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