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    The coast guard today evacuated around 380 passengers from a ferry due to leave Piraeus after receiving an anonymous telephone call warning that there was a bomb aboard the vessel. However, the passengers were allowed back aboard the Marina about an hour later after a search revealed no explosives. Passengers running late for their ferries have been known to call in with bomb alerts in order to delay the ship’s departure.

    No terrorism, sorry to disappoint.

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    1. Tom
      17 June, 2004 at 21:35

      Luc, my friend,

      You are getting a little over the top in the “other direction”. I believe this terrorism stuff is wildly exaggerated, as I have mentioned to you on any number of occasions. But, come on. Really! Think about it!

      Here’s a story. Do you remember that American leader of an American cult in South America who ordered his followers to poison themselves with Kool-Aid (an unpalatable soft drink made from power for those of you unaware with American cuisine) laced with poison (trust me, if you drink of enough of the stuff without poison, you’re going to regret it) and they all committed mass suicide.

      Well, prior to that incident, this guy was a bit of a figure in the country for a while and he invited some American diplomats to a reception there. They attended, along with some of the local diplomats. One of the US diplomats was informed that the sandwiches were laced with poison. The American diplomat who was given that information decided to keep it to himsels, so as “not to panic the other guests” but, he noted, “I didn’t eat the sandwiches.”

      Now, come on, man! Let’s say somebody calls you and says he’s put a bomb in your building. Do you:

      1) Knock on all your neighbors’ doors and relate this piece of information to them?

      2) Wake your wife up and get her and yourself out of the building?

      3) Leave the building alone and go to a cafe?

      4) Go back to sleep?


    2. Tom
      22 June, 2004 at 1:08

      Well? Is it (1), (2), (3) or (4)?

    3. luc
      30 September, 2004 at 17:20

      Woops! I missed that comment! Sorry ’bout that, probably too busy hiding from the terrorists 😉

      It was a translation of an extract from a local paper. As a reporter I have a holy duty to report the facts. The fact was that this was printed in said newspaper. I thought it was funny.

      Apart from that, the point you are trying to make here completely escapes me.

      About the (1), (2), (3), (4), is there a good answer to your questions? I hate multiple choice, because my prefered answer is never amongst the choices. In this case it would be: I wake up Yvonne and get her out of the building (2), then I would scream my lungs out to get my neigbours out too (1), then I would go to the kafeneion, where else (3) where I would probably fall asleep (4) after a couple of raki’s. Did I win a price?

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