• Back and forth

    by  • 31 December, 2004 • Travel • 0 Comments

    We’re back, landed last night around 23:00 local time in Iraklio. We survived, allthough barely. We both have a terrible cold, sore throat, popping eyes, sweating forehead, running nose, the works.

    But it was fun. Much more relax than last year. We signed the preliminary sales contract for the house, got rid of most of our superfluous insurance policies, settled our bank accounts, also settled one outstanding debt to the tax people. We think we are in the clear now. Of course we also saw our families, lots of friends, had a nice meal at the Alkahof with most of our Greek-loving friends, and one very intimate one at our favourite Italian “Da Franco” with our good friends Francesco and Anna, both culinary artists, he in thinking up and describing the excellent food, she in actually preparing it…

    So now we’re taking a head start in wishing you a very happy New Year, if you’re in New Zealand we’re one hour late allready, for all others — as the clock ticks you closer to midnight — best wishes, may all your dreams come true in 2005.

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