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    by  • 15 February, 2005 • General • 0 Comments

    It’s February 15 again, 6 o’clock in the afternoon (they refuse to call this “the evening” here). Last year around this time we were covered in 15 centimeters of snow, now the air is filled with the warmth of the south wind, and it is still light outside. What a difference a year makes.
    January was mild too with temperatures up to 18° centigrade at 10 o’clock in the evening. That changed at the beginning of this month when the wind started blowing from the north, bringing the temperature down to almost zero. Fortunately this only lasted for a forthnight. Unfortunately, in that forthnight our heating chose to break down again. We survived with blankets wrapped around us and a few electrical heaters. In my office it was worse because the heating couldn’t keep the place at a comfortable temperature due to the high ceilings (5 meters). My collegue Popi and I kept our coats on for 2 weeks and drunk large cups of coffee to warm our hands on. We survived that too.
    Yvonne and I went to Athens last weekend, the first day of the change in weather, to attend a seminar (more of that later). We travelled by ferry during the night to save on hotel rooms, and brought our sleeping bags to sleep on the floor. It’s amazing how good you can sleep on a hard floor after a bottle of red wine. We witnesses the awakening of Athens, empty and desolate at 6 in the morning, full of life and bustling by 9 o’clock. In between the workshops we enjoyed the nice spring weather on the terraces in the old town (Plaka), with the Acropolis towering high directly above us.

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