• Hotel California

    by  • 22 February, 2005 • General • 0 Comments

    Tuesday, six thirty in the evening. Dinner has just been brought in and the room is full of visitors. I’ve been here for 3 full days now, yet Saturday afternoon seems like months away. I don’t feel any pain, have not felt any for more than 48 hours, so I’m bored stiff. Of my original 4 room mates, 3 have left already and they have added 2 more beds. We are 7 in total now, with me as the only foreigner. It’s not half as bad as everybody had me believe. Except for the noise sometimes. I’ve read somewhere that a soft-spoken Greek is one which can only be heard across the street. There are few soft-spoken Greeks amongst the twenty or so visitors, and none amongst the resident patients. Everybody talks to everybody, and nobody stops talking when being talked to! These people have some fabulous multi-sensory capabilities! In each group there is a dominant female which puts some order into the chaos when things get out of hand. A stern “shsst” is usually enough to bring the volume back to acceptable levels. For 30 seconds.

    The only time of quiet is when the doctors make their round. They don’t tolerate chatter amongst the patients and they really get upset by chatter on mobile phones. Most Greeks carry at least 1 mobile phone, also in hospitals.

    I want to check out!

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