• Just a day in Venizéliou hospital

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    Wednesday, twenty third of February two thousand and five

    At 06:00 temperature taken.
    At 08:30 medication distributed (my infusion is removed).
    At 09:00 breakfast served.
    At 09:10 bed linnen changed.
    At 09:30 the “young” doctors start their visit. I’m first as usual. Potassium too high. I get some yellow powder to mix with some water to bring the level down.
    At 11:15 “big chief” doctor visits. I’m allowed to stand up next to the bed a few times per day. Good news! Later in the week I will have some more tests.
    At 12:10 I get my twice-daily injection in my belly to keep my blood flowing through the veins
    At 13:00 lunch brought. Chicken today.
    At 13:05 medication distribution.
    At 18:00 medication distribution.
    At 18:02 dinner brought. Not for me, I only get a cup of tea because I have more blood tests tomorrow. Dammit! Yesterday was like that too!
    At 24:00 as usual they wake me up to give me another injection to keep my blood fluid. I sincerely wished they would chose another moment.

    These are the regular hospital staff activities. During the whole day there are visitors in the room, except when the “big chief” doctor makes his round. He chases them out of the room.

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