• Oh, what a night!

    by  • 24 February, 2005 • General • 0 Comments

    My neighbour’s wife has stayed with him the whole night. Unfortunately she installed herself on a chair between my bed and his. There is about 40 centimeters room between the 2 beds. She has been snoring all night, right next to my ear.
    At 4 in the morning Giorgos starts his reshuffling-of-the-medical-papers routine. Giorgos can’t sleep. he says he only needs 2 hours a night. So he studies his medical history, which is quite colourful and extensively documented. He kept me awake yesterday too.
    The new couple in the corner at the far left starts a conversation at 5. Now everybody wakes up. I’ll catch up with the sleeping later during the day.
    They don’t come to take the temperature at 6 today. They probably just don’t feel like it.
    In the evening there is no dinner for me again!

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