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    by  • 25 February, 2005 • General • 0 Comments

    Some facts at last (around 13:00). The young doctor — I learned today that his name is Michalis — came to see me. It’s Friday, the end of the week and it’s quiet. Earlier today I had an echography of the heart. Michalis hadn’t seen the result yet though. But he “had a plan”, he said, tongue in cheek. Actually, he literally said “we have a plan, we’re almost European now”, giving me his best grin. Michalis is a very serious doctor, he doesn’t seem to think that grinning should be part of his toolkit.

    Anyway, the diagnose after almost a week’s testing is that I DID have a light heart attack. I will do a stress test on Monday followed by an angiography later on, on a date yet to be decided. If you have no idea what all this is, welcome, neither do I. Michalis explains that this last one is both diagnostic and remedial in nature. They will put some fluid into my arteries (Michalis goes to great lenghts explaining that for that reason he calls it an “invasive procedure”) which will allow them to follow the flow of the blood through the system, de-blocking any eventual obstacles if necessary. Little did I know how invasive this would be.

    When Michalis has left, I am mulling over all this and suddenly realize that my age is now the same as my birthyear (minus the centuries of course) and that if I add another “20” to this number and manage to hold out until then, I will live to be a hundred years. Sometimes your thoughts can drift in strange directions.

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