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    by  • 1 April, 2005 • General • 2 Comments

    Hmm. Well, that’s it. We throw in the towel. We tried very hard, but we have to admit that we failed. We knew upfront that it wasn’t going to be easy, but what really broke us was the enormous bureacracy here. The drop that made the bucket overflow was the whole ordeal of getting the money that was due to me by the Health Insurance Organization (IKA) after my stay in the hospital. After being sent back and forth a dozen times from one office to the other, each time getting to hear that yet another stamp or form or signature was missing, I told them to put their money where the sun doesn’t shine. But as I said, that was just the last drop.

    Yvonne and I talked long and hard about our future here and we couldn’t but admit defeat. There simply is no future for us here. We are really disappointed that it didn’t work out, but what good is stubbornly refusing to accept reality? So, we are preparing our come back to civilization. It’ll take a couple of weeks to arrange for everything, including the transportation of our belongings, but at the beginning of summer we should be back in the Belgium/Holland region. We can talk about al this in more detail then if you’d like, right now — as you’ll understand — we don’t feel like talking much.

    With the proceeds of the sale of the house we can buy a nice little appartment somewhere, and I’m sure Social Security is still good enough to take me in, because I don’t feel like working a lot right now. Maybe I can keep a canary or so to keep me busy all day, or goldfish. Or stamps. Anyway, we will see about that later.

    Oh, and the food isn’t that good here either.

    The weather stinks big time too. We really missed the seasons, you know…

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    1. Peter Timmermans
      6 April, 2005 at 13:58

      Well, that sounds rather grim and determined. Might be a taken as logical sequel to the health problems you encountered.

      On the other hand, it seems totally out of character, and the date is rather conspicious.

      Either way, I am glad that you are at least out of the hospital!

    2. luc
      13 April, 2005 at 0:10

      Peter, I’m glad at least some people noticed the date! And thanks for standing up as my character witness. To set all the others straight, I posted a correction…

      P.S. My health is great again! And I don’t smoke anymore (again)!

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