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    And then it was summer, but really, like steaming hot! For the past 2 weekends (that would be all of June, till now) we have been going to the beach at Tombrouk full days. It’s the only place where we can get a bit a fresh air, and a regular cool-off in the sea.

    We’ve also been looking for houses, without results so far. But we remain hopeful. The area around Iraklio has become relatively expensive. We might want to move further away, which poses a problem as the work is in Iraklio, simple as that. It’s possible to find jobs in other areas, but it is a lot more difficult, with our Greek still not up to level.

    Speaking of which, I didn’t start the second semester of my Greek language classes as I was in the hospital then. But I got a phone call from the teacher, Maria, while I was there. I really appreciated that. Anyway, they changed the hours, so that even if I hadn’t had that little problem with the heart, it would have been extremely difficult for me to attend all classes. So we looked for alternatives and we found them. Sort of. There is an organization called N.E.L.E. which gives free Greek language classes (and some other tuition) to foreigners, to enable a fast integration and a better chance on the employment market. Both Yvonne and I enrolled. The teacher’s name is Kalia and she is a really nice person. But totally disorganized. No methodology. No structure. No programme. She drives me crazy. I dropped out after 8 or 9 weeks. And after a number of arguments with her about grammatical constructs… you know me. Yvonne is still attending and has a great time there. She goes twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. Today is Tuesday, that’s why I can use her computer to enter this, while my laptop cools off.

    Did I say it was steaming hot today?

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    1. Mihalis
      23 August, 2005 at 13:44

      Hei Luc file mu!Yap i am tiping from Slovenia as you all ready know and this slovenian keyboard already gives me the hard time!Nothing too add actualy for that day, i remember my self beeing xtremely hot, steaming is the right word i supose!I saw that you and Yvonne (Hi Yvonne!) are going to Tobrouk, just a comment to that, thear are usualy big wawes over there unles you two like them you can try the beach behind the Xenia Ilios Hotel in Kokkini Hani, there i would say its very nice calm place to relax and to have a quiet splash!It dosnt matter how crowded its always a big free place to lye on the beech! To get there you just have to keep on driving a bit after the hotel to the eest and then just in the end of the pein trees you turn on the left and then when you see the bech left again, thats the relaxing one for noise you just go to the right.
      I am doing fine till now, you cant believe how beutyfoul Slovenia is at the summer, everything is green but really everything some times i just focusing my eyes in just the forest and it sims i am stering a pice of the Amazon rain forest!Really nice!But dont ask me about the winter, thats another story,”anothers prists gospell” as we say in Greece! Alu papa evagelio, i know you wana know it in greek too!Thats all for now, i dont know how much i can write here i just grub the chance and start writing to you two, next time email.Na eiste kala kai na prosehete sas filo Mihalis

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