• Time to move

    by  • 2 October, 2005 • General • 0 Comments

    We’re moving to a new address. The place we currently live in has become a bit problematic. First there was the (forced) public sale in April of 4 of the 8 appartments. Then 2 months later the owner put out adverts for the remaining 4 appartments. None of them have been sold yet, but we feel uneasy about the whole situation. Moreover we are on a contract which stipulates a yearly 10% increase in rent, and we are getting close to finishing our third year here. And to top it all off, these f@&#ing pigeons droppings on our balcony begin to irritate us beyond believe. As the winter nears we are equally not looking forward to the recurring heating problems. It’s a shame about the view. We are going to miss that. I’m sure there are very few other places (within our budget) that offer such a magnificent view on Iraklio, the sea and the Psiloritis mountain top, all at the same time.

    So, the new address, officially as per November 1, but you can start using it right away, is: Ντελή Δράκου 15 (Delí Drákou). The street is named after a freedom fighter (Delís Drákos) in the Cretan independence war against the Turks in the 19th century. It’s only a kilometer away from where we currently live, further down towards the town center. I don’t have information yet about postal codes and telephone numbers (we concluded the deal yesterday evening over a nice mezé meal with rakí — how else could one conclude deals here?) but I will provide you with the other bits as soon as I know them.

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