• Almost completely moved over

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    It looks like we are going to make it by Sunday night: the kitchen stuff has been completely moved to the new house, the bedroom is fully over, so is most of the living room, except for 2 arm chairs. What’s left is what we call our “office room”, with the computer gear, printers, cables, accessories, 2 large desks, 2 desk chairs and some shelves.

    Most of the stuff we have moved in our Yaris. Unbelievable what you can transport in that little car. Our IKEA bookshelves (Billy) nicely went in there two by two, all the books put in boxes (30x35x50cm), 21 in total, made it that way (sloooowly). Only the fridge, the couch, one wardrobe and one table that could not be dismantled required the use of a pick-up truck from one of our friends.

    On Monday the telephone and hence our connection with the internet will be disconnected. Officially it’ll take 5 days to re-connect, but we have a friend who knows somebody at the phone company and who has volunteered to speed up things. He claims the line will be up again before I return home from the phone company offices. That would be a pleasant surprise…

    In the mean time, here’s the official address:

    71409 Iraklio, Crete

    I have put the street name in Greek capitals, because that’s the best way for you to put it also on anything you might want to send us through regular mail. The reason for this is that both “ΝΤ” and “Δ” can only be written as “D” in the Latin alphabet, but it confuses the Greek Postal Services when they see a “D”. There you have it. For the curious, Delí Drákou (accents signify stressed vowels) is the way you pronounce it, with the second “D” more like the English “th” in “the” or “thorough”.

    See you in our new home…

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