• Where will we be?

    by  • 1 September, 2006 • General • 2 Comments

    Having miserably failed at establishing where you have been the last couple of months, let me at least fill you in where we will be in the foreseeable near future.

    For starters we will take a break from work on the 16th of this month and head for the south to… yes, you guessed it, another one of those secret out-of-the-way idyllic beaches, where we will be sleeping under the sky. I had almost said “where we will be camping”, but that’s too big a word for what we actually do. We do have a tent though, but we’re too lazy to set it up. We just spread it out on the ground, put our inflatable mattresses on top of it, and that’s it. Camping reduced to it’s bare basics. We only take a small coffee contraption with us and a can of Lavazza coffee, for early morning (when the herd of goats wake us at around 7 o’clock) caffeine shots.

    Then we intend to lay on our backs for the rest of the (hopefully sunny) day, only to crawl up when dusk sets in, take a shower outside the nearby taverna, the only building in sight at about 300 meters from the pebble beach, have an ouzo at same taverna to whet our appetite, to finally hit for the nearest village at 12 kilometers distance, where we will gaze at the stars while enjoying whatever food the local cuisine has to offer that day. After that we’ll try to find our tent…

    On September 28th we should be rested enough to hit the road back home to Iraklio, put on our winter clothes, take the ferry to Piraeas that night, hop on the city train early in the morning to Athens airport where, thanks to Virgin Express, we will be airborne by 11:40 local time, to arrive at Brussels airport at 14:05, also local time. Then it becomes a bit fuzzy. We know we will be busy all day on Friday 29th, and we will see my family (all of them at once, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, plenty of cousins included, it’s gonna be great fun) on Sunday October 1st. I’ll probably need the whole of Monday to recover from that bacchanalian little get-together.

    And then we don’t know. We hope to see some/all/as much as possible of you before we go back on Friday, October 13th. That’s almost 2 weeks, so we should be able to squeeze in some visits left and right. Of course we will have our annual traditional detox session at the world-renowned Greek restaurant in Briegden-Lanaken, the Alkahof, remember? But we don’t know when yet. I’ll post a notice here, so be sure to come back to this space, and we will hopefully see you there.

    P.S. The link to the Alkahof restaurant in the December 2004 posting has been ruined by the web designers, probably too user-friendly. Try this one instead, it even contains a zoomable map, in case you might need directions.

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    1. Huub Starmans
      3 September, 2006 at 16:52


      ik dacht al dat jullie de pijp aan Maarten hadden gegeven of dat iets anders met de pijp aan de hand was.

      Ik zal morgen op de OUNL, zoals dat tegenwoordig heet, enkele van je ver”oude”rde collega’s op de hoogte stellen dat je weer even online was.

      Fijn weer eens iets van jullie te lezen en veel plezier in België.


      Huub S.

    2. Bernard
      13 September, 2006 at 17:59

      Dag Luc en Yvonne,

      Wij houden ons aanbevolen voor een afhaling, een pied à terre, tussenstop, bed and breakfast, terugbrenging.

      Tot binnenkort,

      Nar en Noel

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