• What the FAQ is this?

    by  • 6 September, 2006 • F.A.Q. • 0 Comments

    Ahem. Well it’s a Frequently Asked Question section of my weblog. All of a sudden it seemed like a good idea, since a) I get a lot of similar questions that are asked frequently and b) this might bring some new life into this old carcass. We’ll see how it goes.

    To tell you the truth, I don’t even know how this is supposed to work. I just defined 2 Categories in MovableType, one called General and the other called F.A.Q. Since I didn’t have any Categories defined before, I moved the articles from 2005 and later to the General category, hoping to see some changes in the appearance of my weblog. But nothing changed. So now I’m adding my first entry to the F.A.Q. category, hoping to trigger some hidden mechanism that will show Categories on the main page. Cross my fingers.

    Anyway, if this works, now is your chance to have a positive influence on these here Chronicles. The more questions you fire at me, the more chance you’ll find an answer to them in here.

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