• [FAQ] How am I supposed to use these @£$%£@ Categories?

    by  • 7 September, 2006 • F.A.Q. • 0 Comments

    Why, Luc, you’re saying, that’s not a Frequently Asked Question! Well, I’m very sorry to proof you wrong, but last night I did ask myself exactly this questions very frequently! Extremely very frequently so! Based on this fact, and the fact that it is a question, the question mark at the end proves that, I think it qualifies.

    But let’s not nitpick over semantics, I know you’re dying to know the answer to the question, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

    So, how? I don’t know. I managed to get a small attribute added to the template, showing at the bottom that an entry belongs to a particular category (“Posted to F.A.Q.” e.g.), but that’s it, basically. I was expecting something like a new heading in the side bar, above or below the “Recent entries” heading, where you could select which category you wanted to read, or which one to avoid at all costs, but I can’t figure it out.

    The problem is that I am using a rather old version of MovableType, that I’m a bit reluctant to upgrade to the all-new, all-shining latest version out of fear for losing my data in the process, and that the old forum posts seem to have gone. At least I can’t find a lot of information on the use of Categories. What is possible right now, is clicking on the Category tag and then you get all the entries that are posted under that category, much like the monthly archives.

    For the moment I’ll leave it at that, until I find out more.

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