• Happy campers, the sequel

    by  • 15 September, 2006 • General • 0 Comments

    For those of you monitoring the weather forecast here in Crete, don’t worry, we have adapted our camping “technique”, in view of the rain season and expected hurricanes in the bay of Damnoni. After reading all the doom and gloom with regards to the elements next week, we’ve decided it would not be a bad idea to have a real shelter to protect our belongings against hail storms and the like, so we went out and purchased a professional dome tent in a professional dome tent shop. Let the rain come! We’re ready! Tomorrow we’re off, so you won’t be hearing from me for a while (but you’re used to that by now, aren’t you?)

    In related news, we got a second envelope in the mailbox this week, again from Intex, with yet another spare plug for our inflatable mattresses. Nice people, these Intexers.

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