• Another year…

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    Merry... and Happy... and all that! Live long and prosper!

    So, it’s that time of the year again… A short year it was, and a warm one. Too short and too warm to blog. I had some setbacks, work related, but I won’t dwell on that here. Life’s too short for that. Otherwise we’re doing fine, Yvonne’s practice has really taken off this year, I’ve been diddling and thinkering (yes, the “h” is in there on purpose), trying to find a project that keeps me busy and happy. I worked on some ideas, nothing substantial has materialized yet though.

    We saw more houses this year, a lot more, alas nothing came out of that either. With time passing we’ve also become more picky, the region has to be nice, preferably in the south, the building needs to be in a certain style, we expect some form of social life in winter too (you’d be surprised to find out how many places that look extremely inviting in summer are totally deserted in winter), we’d like to be in close proximity (preferably with view) of the sea, we’d rather not be surrounded by greenhouses, the Gulf of Messara, which was for a long time our favorite, is out because of plans to build a huge container port there (Timbaki), etc., etc., in short, we’re still searching.

    But now is an excellent time to go house hunting. That’s what we will be doing for christmas. We take off on Saturday morning and come back on Tuesday evening, meticulously and methodologically roaming an area we’ve now set our eyes on. With some luck we will find some small hotel or pension still open so that we won’t have to come back to Iraklio every evening.

    In the meantime, I wish you pleasant days with whatever it is that you are celebrating in your corner of the world. Don’t go overboard on the food and the booze. Have fun!

    Live long and prosper!

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