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    Ever since I used OTE a my service provider I have had an additional e-mail account with them, which somehow ended up as my main e-mail account@otenet.gr. This e-mail account is different from my main account which I use to log in to their network. Usually the e-mail account and the login account are the same. I can’t figure out how in my case there are two different user id’s, it’s too long ago.

    Anyway, I only used this e-mail account to receive and send e-mails to otenet. When the problems with my ADSL connection started, I noticed that my e-mail account@otenet.gr was no longer updated in my mail client. As a matter of fact, I got a connection error message for this account each time I started the e-mail client. Assuming that this had to do with the larger scale problems I never cared to investigate.

    As my connection is now once again in stable condition I phoned OTE Customer Service to inquire about the e-mail account. I myself could see in the overview on my account page at their servers that the e-mail account had been “terminated” when the upgrade to 24Mbps was carried out initially. When I asked the CS representative about this, his reply was “yes, this is normal when you upgrade to higher rate package”. I needed some time to let the powerful logic of that statement sink in…

    It boils down to this:

    When you want a faster connection with OTE, they assume that you also want to cancel your e-mail account.

    Yep, makes perfect sense…

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    1. Martin
      15 January, 2008 at 2:26

      They also assume that you don’t mind that your phoneline is cut off for 1,5 days with no notice. After all, we are so privileged that OTE allows us to have ADSL that we should tolerate any conditions they set.

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