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    “Local Administration employees (OTA) are staging a work stoppage from 11:00 till the end of their shifts, on Thursday, February 7, in protest against the cut off of the bonus for users of computers. They are also staging a protest demonstration in front of the Interior Ministry at 12:00 on the same day while their union calls them not to use computers that day.”

    (Via news.ert.gr.)

    Lemme see if I got this right. People get a bonus because they use a computer? Excuse me?! If they use their brains, do they also get a bonus? A bonus for using a pen maybe? Or a bonus for showing up and not doing their private shopping during work hours? I’m not so sure anymore that I’m still on the same planet as these people.

    By the way, where is the administration here where I can reclaim my missed bonus since 1976? When in Rome…

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    1. Kat
      3 February, 2008 at 23:53

      I’m with you. Know what I got when I was productive at my last job as 1 of 10 people producing 40% of our revenue? I got the ire of my co-workers who hated me for making them look bad, my boss got a new office building, I got no raise and I was eventually fired after the building was paid for because I was labeled a “troublemaker.”

      By giving a bonus, are they actually admitting that most people are incompetent and useless?

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