• Earthquake “shakes” Crete

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    This from “Het Nieuwsblad”, a Belgian newspaper that I read online once in a while:

    Zeebeving schudt Kreta wakker
    ATHENE – Een zeebeving met de kracht van 5,7 op de schaal van Richter heeft donderdagnacht het eiland Kreta in de Middellandse Zee door elkaar geschud. Duizenden mensen werden uit hun slaap gerukt.
    De beving deed zich voor op een diepte van 60 kilometer onder de zeebodem en op 37 kilometer van de zuidkust van Kreta, aldus het seismologisch instituut in Athene. Volgens de Griekse radio vielen er geen gewonden.

    That’s funny!

    Yvonne told me this morning that she was gently woken up at a quarter past two, by a slight swaying which lasted a fraction of a second. To put this into perspective, you have to know that Yvonne wakes up when a fly settles down at the end of the bed. As a matter of fact, after sleeping next to her for more than 25 years I am convinced she doesn’t sleep at all, she just pretends to, to make me feel at ease…

    Anyhow, at 62 kilometers from the epicenter, I for one was certainly not “jerked out of my sleep” as Het Nieuwsblad puts it. And in my impression the island wasn’t exactly “rocked” either. Come on folks, can’t we keep it a little bit more factual, a little bit less hysterical?

    So, don’t worry about us, we’re fine, not shaken, hardly stirred and certainly not rocked!

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    1. Kat
      1 April, 2008 at 23:26

      Hey, that’s the one. Apparently Yvonne and I have the same sensitivity.

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