• Water you mean?

    by  • 8 July, 2008 • General • 0 Comments

    You’re forewarned, this is about water again. It appears that I worried for nothing the last time I posted here. Of the seven days that passed since that message, we’ve only had water twice, each time for about 2 hours around 7 in the morning. Since it gets rather warm early on in the morning these days (25°C to 27°C), I can not sleep so I happened to be awake both times.

    I keep calling the customer service of Δ.Ε.Υ.Α.Η., pronounce “thay-eeh-aah-eeh” (in full that means Δημοτική Επιχείρηση Ύδρευσης – Αποχέτευσης Ηρακλείου), our local water supplier, each day and they keep promising that “this afternoon it will be fixed”. You can read more about the notion of an “afternoon” here and here. Two technicians have come (again) to observe that we had indeed no water. Head scratching ensues, yet another explanation is given, yet another view of the piping infrastructure is volunteered. I’m at the point where I don’t care anymore about how the pipes are laid out. I want them to be dig up and put in again in a way that they serve their purposes, which in my humble opinion is to provide water to the houses they are connected to.

    For the first time we don’t seem to be the only house affected anymore. Each time one of these technicians shows up in his blue little van with yellow lettering, it is as if all the housewives of the streets surrounding us smell it, for the poor guy is immediately surrounded by hysterically screaming women. No wonder that he tries to escape as soon as possible, leaving us in a little bit more depressed about the whole situation.

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