• Cooling off

    by  • 16 July, 2008 • General • 0 Comments

    With all the focus on water lately, I forgot to mention that we are going to make a major improvement to my working conditions. I decided to forgo the Royal Enfield motorbike for the moment and spend some money on a decent air condition for the bedroom/office. Stupidly enough we went shopping for one of those last Saturday and bought what I think is a decent model, a Toshiba RAS-10 GK Series, for those who know these things. It’s a so called “split type”, which can be used to cool and heat.

    The stupid part is that we paid full price, 655€ including installation, when on Monday the summer sales started and the same shop now has a perfectly good GE model for half that price. Our device was delivered on Monday morning, before I learnt about the summer sales. I also opened the packaging immediately while I was in the kitchen waiting for the faucet to give some vital life signs, because I’m the type that likes to read manuals. Serves me right. Moreover the 2 units (one internal, one external) were sitting on the kitchen floor and the packaging got soaked from the bottom up. Bummer.

    Before we decided to get one of those I studied the matter thoroughly and was lead to understand that a 4200-5200 BTU model would be sufficient for the room it was going to be installed in (41.6 m3/1466 cu.ft). Nobody sells units lower than 9000 BTU. Anyway, this is what we got, this is what we’ll get. It’s going to be installed this Friday (last famous words…)

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