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    by  • 18 July, 2008 • General • 1 Comment

    You might have heard of Lively, the virtual world launched last week by Google. I decided to leave another shore and start a new career as a Cretan kafeníon owner there. Come by and have a chat if you want. For the moment you need a Windows based system, Macs and Linux are not allowed entrance yet. That’s not my choice, that’s Google’s and it’s supposed to change (hopefully sooner than later). The cafe is meant as kind of a Cretan hang-out, but all nationalities are welcome, all languages are spoken, except Kiersjroajs. If you knew Kiersjroajs you’d understand why…

    So, bring your friends and head to the Cafe Oriste, it’s too hot to sit inside anyway. Unfortunately I’ll be away this weekend, but the doors are wide open, you can help yourself to whatever you want (I nailed the furniture and fixtures just in case, lol).

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