• Testing WordPress on iPhone

    by  • 17 September, 2008 • General, Tech, Trips • 0 Comments

    I am sitting here in parko Georgiadou in the centre of Iraklio, a frappé in front of me, latin music floating in from behind, painstakingly composing this post on the small iPhone keyboard while keeping a worried eye on my battery indicator. It went from 61% to 47% in the last 10 minutes.
    This is my first real post to my weblog on the iPhone. If it works well I will use this to blog our vacation in Argolida next week.

    [Edit] Rrrrrrright! A few observations are in order here. Apparently — with WordPress for iPhone — photos can only be added at the end of a post, so I won’t be able to include captions per photo or surround photos with relevant text. Since iPhone does not know what cut-and-paste is, I also won’t be able to edit my posts by going directly to the administrative interface of my weblog on the iPhone. Moreover, there seems to be a problem with the theme that I use, or with one of the plugins, such that the formatting of all the tidbits that follow a post are totally messed up if a photo is the last element in the post. I will manually edit all these post to look a bit better when we get back from vacation, but for the time being I can only be sorry to leave you with this mess.
    [Edit some more] I fixed the formatting problem with the stuff trailing the last photo. At least that looks better now.

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