• Your money is worth shit

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    You might remember how back in May of this year I wrote a little post titled How money works. That was at a time when many of us still believed that we were merely in a temporary economical “dip”. The article that I quoted and linked to should have convinced you that that was not the case, that we were all (except a few, those being the international bankers who were — and still are — the only ones to profit from a financial system that they themselves had created for their own advantage) at the peak of a roller coaster ride that from now on would only go downwards. And then, for lack of brakes, come crashing down in a big burning pile of metal and flesh (our flesh, that is).

    You might have found the article a bit long winded to read to the end. That’s why I’m glad I now came across a video that explains the same thing in a cartoonish way, much easier on your already overstretched attention span.

    [google -2550156453790090544]

    The way I understand it is that the banks have been diluting our money with fake papers that ressemble real money. And they did so with approval of our governments. They engaged effectively in forgery and got the authority’s blessing for it. The money that I put in the bank has been a compensation for the work (labour, products, service) that I performed for someone else. It is worth that amount of work. The money that the banks bring into circulation is created out of thin air. It doesn’t represent anything. It is worth… what?

    If you still think that “the bank is your friend”, that you’ll be okay financially, that the powers that be won’t let anything catastrophic happen, that this is all just doom saying, enjoy the last moments of the dream while it lasts. For if I understand this whole story correctly, that dream won’t last forever.

    P.S. If you click on the Google logo in the bottom right of the video player, you will be redirected to Google Video, where you will find more videos with similar content.

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