• Weather forecast in Greece

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    I know you all wished you were in Greece, but you’re not missing out on any nice weather right now. Or better put, the weather really sux, big time. It’s cold, and rainy, we had some hail today, in short, not something you’d really miss. What you are missing out on is the weather forecast, therefor I have included a sample of it below.

    Her name is Petroula Kostidou and this is the real daily weather forecast, not some satire. This airs every evening at 20:57 on STAR, a popular commercial television channel here. Originally the weather forecast lasted 3 minutes. Due to popular demand it is going to be extended to 5 minutes, last I heard. I wonder why.

    Btw “Deltio Kairou” means “weather forecast”, or more literally “weather bulletin”. The “-oula” in the name of Petroula and which also occurs throughout her commentaries is a feminine diminutive suffix, often used for the purpose of expressing affection. In the Greek language this can be augmented by following it with the possessive pronoun “μου” (mou= my, mine; compare with “my dear little boy” in English). She usually uses it with everything, from temperature to wind force, place names and weather itself.

    [Edit] For those with an insatiable appetite for weather forecasts, and no direct access to STAR, you can enjoy Petroula’s take on the weather live every day on STAR TV.


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