• Red Bull

    by  • 4 March, 2008 • General • 0 Comments

    As I was about to leave a shop today, I heard the voice of a beggar outside asking for help, so when I was out on the street I looked for him. An aged, dark and tortured face was there. Maybe a gypsy. I got close and gave him my little something and went into the next shop, a mini market, to get some food. The moment I went to pay at the cashier, the old man, the beggar, was there too, inquiring about the price of a can of red bull which he had picked and wanted to make sure.

    Upon being told that it was 1.60€, he paid with all the nickels and dimes he had collected and left.

    Astonishment and pleasure were my feelings. Pleasure because he could afford what he wanted and a funny astonishment that publicity has reached even beggars so they buy red bull to keep up with their energy so they can beg longer…

    I just love these little street encounters.

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