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    Testing WordPress on iPhone

    by  • 17 September, 2008 • General, Tech, Trips • 0 Comments

    I am sitting here in parko Georgiadou in the centre of Iraklio, a frappé in front of me, latin music floating in from behind, painstakingly composing this post on the small iPhone keyboard while keeping a worried eye on my battery indicator. It went from 61% to 47% in the last 10 minutes. This...

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    Henry Miller’s Greek dream

    by  • 13 September, 2008 • General, Trips • 2 Comments

    In about a week’s time we will pack some essentials into a couple of small rucksacks, take the ferry from Iráklio to Piraeás and set off on a discovery of a part of Greece that I have wanted to (re-)visit for a long time: Argolida, the name itself sounds like a symphony. It was...

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    iPhone 3G first impressions

    by  • 25 August, 2008 • Tech • 3 Comments

    This is the sequel to my previous article iPhone 3G lands in Greece, describing my first experiences with the iPhone 3G in Greece. Disclaimer: this is not a product review, I don’t even try to pretend to give you a balanced report of the iPhone 3G. That has been done many times, and there...

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    iPhone 3G lands in Greece

    by  • 22 August, 2008 • Tech • 10 Comments

    Yesterday at 16:49 I got an e-mail message in my inbox from Vodafone, the chosen carrier for the iPhone in Greece. This was “an advanced warning” announcing that the next day, August 22nd, they would officially start selling the iPhone 3G all over Greece. Advanced indeed. To be sure that I wouldn’t be making...

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    Cretans want better roads

    by  • 14 August, 2008 • General • 8 Comments

    The English language version of Kathimerini had this to say this morning: Residents and professional organizations on Crete yesterday blamed the slow progress of road construction in the north of the island for dozens of road fatalities in recent years, following the death at the weekend of three people in a head-on collision. Locals...

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    Stoopid Microsoft search engine

    by  • 24 July, 2008 • Tech • 0 Comments

    For the last couple of weeks my log files showed some funny referrals from what turned out to be a Microsoft IP address. Each time a single search term would lead to my site, apparently from the Microsoft search.live.com site. Search terms included: money, crete, about, greece, uncategorized, harddisk, stress etc… My site doesn’t...

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    Cafe Oriste on lively.com

    by  • 18 July, 2008 • General • 1 Comment

    You might have heard of Lively, the virtual world launched last week by Google. I decided to leave another shore and start a new career as a Cretan kafeníon owner there. Come by and have a chat if you want. For the moment you need a Windows based system, Macs and Linux are not...

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    Cooling off

    by  • 16 July, 2008 • General • 0 Comments

    With all the focus on water lately, I forgot to mention that we are going to make a major improvement to my working conditions. I decided to forgo the Royal Enfield motorbike for the moment and spend some money on a decent air condition for the bedroom/office. Stupidly enough we went shopping for one...

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    Hey! Is that water?

    by  • 16 July, 2008 • General • 1 Comment

    Yesterday I decided to take control of my own fate and go out and buy one of those 1000 liter water containers to put somewhere on our terrace, connect the entry with with the incoming water pipe and the exit with the pump which would then pump it to the rooftop container. At least...

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